Flight of the Bumblebees

These were some other experiments I made this summer. In year 2 of Sheridan, for our experimental media course, we were given an assignment involving observational drawings of insects. For two or three weeks, the instructors would bring in these cases filled with (sadly) deceased bugs, which had been preserved so that one day we could draw them. They were all eerily fascinating, and some of them (like the tarantulas whose legs were kind of crumbling away) were a little unnerving at 8am. 

For mine, I chose a shiny green beetle called Lamprima Adolphinae (I might post some pictures), and my friend Jeannine chose a bumblebee (which probably had something to do with her love of a certain tv show, *cough cough* Pushing Daisies). We would draw these insects for hours, studying their intricate patterns through magnifying lenses. Jeannine's drawings of the bees (who by the way are very cool to see up close) inspired me to try making some bees of my own. I tried stamping small linocuts I made repeatedly to mimic their flight, sometimes overlapping them. 

I guess I've paid a lot more attention to bees and other small insects since, to the point where if I see an ant or even a spider crawling around indoors, rather than introduce them to the bottom of my shoe, I will grab a jar and release them outside (or in the winter, the stairwell of our apartment, three floors down. shh).